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PaperWeight* Wall  Team: Dom Kletter, Colin Ostman, Justin Hazelwood 

Paperweight* is a paper module system that utilizes folded paper, recycled or found, to create an architecture surface scenario that is inherently structural, using triangulation to support its own weight. Paperweight* utilizes 95% efficiency per cut sheet while producing one module for each sheet with a laser cut time under 4 minutes. The achieved mastery of this module allows the project to achieve the scale necessary for metaphorical weight while also remaining structural at its core. The paper structure is able to support its own weight through the use of a triangulation system. The paper becomes structural by folding it in a way that allows the weight to be easily passed to lower modules. No element other than the module and its integral parts are used to achieve the surface.

© 2018 Marcus Farr  /  Material Artifact LLC  |  Studio Architecture / Art Practices                                                                                              

Dubai, United Arab Emirates  |  contact:

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