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WYO   Team: Marcus Farr / Marcel de Lange

The Rochelle Athletics Center serves the academic and athletic needs of all 17 University of Wyoming sports. It is a 4,470 square-foot facility with football offices for 10 full-time coaches and position rooms.  The project consisted of design / fabrication / build / install.  The design team actively engineered the project, and fabricated high grade walnut with CNC technology, and installed more than 420 individual pieces by hand. Walnut hardwood from Iowa was used because of the effects of the natural growing season on the wood. Due to even freeze / thaw cycles in Iowa, the Walnut hardwood has very distinctive color and growth pattern displaying very specific characteristics for sapwood.

The project was modeled in Rhino and Grasshopper, modeled several times physically at ¼” scale, and then modeled several more times at 1:1 scale to ensure proper tolerance levels and to experiment with connections between pieces.

© 2018 Marcus Farr  /  Material Artifact LLC  |  Studio Architecture / Art Practices                                                                                              

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