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Opening at Budapest Art Factory!

Marcus opens at BAF!!

The focus of Marcus Farr’s project, Templates, Patterns & Folds, is to obtain information about a sense of place by investigating the most simplistic materials and processes of making that create basic architecture scenarios. This data is used to inform new ways of looking at architecture and creating spaces that could be meaningful to the public in an artistic way. In Budapest, the work takes specific meaning from the studio process in folding, creasing and cutting materials such as paper and card stock. In some ways, this looks at the material as an ancient one, explicitly simple and quiet, yet by representing it in an architectural context, it is allowed to have very real and perceived meaning to how one might begin thinking about a "new” architectural environment in this location. This new architecture doesn’t currently exist, and has never existed, but is manifested in the world of drawing, and model making, whereby the process of imagination allows the most notable characteristics of material to begin to make a “hyper” impact on the representation of architecture based upon what the artist finds interesting. As an artistic process, this method differs from traditional ways of design where program, dimension, cost & human inhabitation take precedent over shape and effect.

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