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Research presented at Design For NEXT European Design Conference, Sapenzia Universitádi Roma

Marcus will present recent research at the 12th EAD Conference is hosted by Sapienza University of Rome in Italy. It will foster discussion among designers, academics and experts about the articulated scenario of contemporary design and its perspectives, with intent to nurture diversity and interdisciplinarity. 'Design for Next ...' is the title and topic of the Conference: 'Next' implies the concept of proximity as well as of destination, related to time and to physical space. The conference seeks to discover future fields of investigation in design, as well to discover and to connect the space and the people who share common interests in design research. We invite contributions from professionals, academics and students to address the following questions with their own research, projects and experiences: What is Design for the Next? And what is the 'Next' focus of Design? The Conference is organized into 9 parallel tracks in order to address 9 wide fields of Design for Next...... Aesthetics | Economy | Education | Environment | Health | Industry | Society | Technology | Thinking Each track will center around a keyword to engage and tackle the different fields of Design research and practice. Together, in this process, we will draw the big picture of Next Design.

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