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Multi-Sensory Materiality: new research proposes architectural engagement with Augmented Reality

What is the current state of human/material perception relative to advanced architectural technology? What sensory experiences are possible and how are the designed and deployed? What happens when advanced Hololens technologies are used in conjunction with wearable emotion sensing technologies to connect people with deeper sensory experiences relative to materiality and space?

This project based research responds to these questions by expanding on, comparing, and critiquing a series of small scale projects created during a controlled workshop in an academic setting. The projects focus on relationships between technology and human sensory experience relative to three specific material engagements in a controlled architectural setting. To do this, the projects employ an overlap of HoloLens technology to make and enhance the design experience and wearable emotion sensors to evaluate the human experience. A collaboration with Andrea Macruz, Ahmed Abdelnaby.

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